Founded in 2000, Australian / Vietnamese creative, Alistair Trung, has cultivated a label synonymous with a unique language of clothing and dressing that transgresses prescribed ideology of age, body, gender and beauty.
Trung is foremost inspired by the cloth, its historical connotations, emotional resonance and technology. The history of multicultural dress in the archetypes of the agbada, toga, sari and sarong constantly influences the silhouette, movement and aura of the garments.
Hands on and playful, Trung relies instinctively on the method of draping directly on the living body, to create architectural cuts that are simultaneously pragmatic, imaginative and enduring.
One collection evolves into the next to form a timeless wardrobe that is trans-seasonal, trans-occasional, trans-age, trans-size and trans-gender.
Trung is deeply curious about the psychology and emotional status of dressing. Over many years of interaction with the client through the process of play and discovery, Trung has developed a unique sensitivity and insight into the client's complex psyche and motivations. 

Every garment is an open-ended proposal for the wearer to exercise their individual independence and strength of character. 
Trung's sincere wish is to clarify, challenge and inspire common sense, all in the hope of restoring elegance, eroticism, playfulness, mystery and liberation.

ALISTAIR TRUNG is an independent practice, comprising of boutiques across Sydney and Melbourne, in addition to projects that intersect the arenas of art, theatre and botany.
A fashion graduate of University of Technology, Sydney, Trung has collaborated with the following creatives - The Leigh Warren Dance Company; Lindy Hume; Dance North; Pinchgut Opera; The Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation; Khai Liew; The Art Gallery of NSW; Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Simone Young.